Social CRM

What is social CRM?

Nowadays, the use of social media is indispensable, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The target group is looking for alternative communication channels but contact by e-mail or telephone is not everyone’s cuppa. When addressing younger customers purposefully, there is often no way getting round social media. Social customer relationship management is a simple and effective way of getting closer to the target group and being accessible to them. But how can a company understand how customers interact in the networks, or when and where contact is made?

Customer satisfaction as an important factor

Customer dialogue and the added value resulting from it are the focus of social CRM. The company must see itself as a contact and service provider. If the customer has a question and it can be answered quickly and to his satisfaction, this contributes to a good relationship of trust. The right approach and an understanding of the target group also determine whether they feel understood with their concerns. A customer who urgently needs a solution and does not receive a satisfactory or, in the worst case, no answer at all might quickly change his mind and avoid the company from now on.

Use different channels for communication

Every customer has different preferences and ways to communicate. Some prefer audiovisual elements and therefore use YouTube, others like short and concise text forms and therefore prefer Twitter. The company‚Äôs task is to make the best possible use of the respective conditions of the individual social networks for its own communication. If most customers have similar questions repeatedly, specific instructions will help. On YouTube, for example, „How to“ videos provide solutions to certain problems. With the right tricks, you can point such important postings out and make them visible to new customers.
A chat is also a good possibility to be within easy reach for your target group. However, many customers prefer a human contact person in the chat instead of chat bots.

Software for social CRM analysis

To get an overview of the discussions and their contents in the social networks, an analysis software is necessary. What topics are important to the customer and what criticism is being levelled at the company? Collecting and evaluating data individually via the various social media can be very time-consuming. The totality of opinions and points of criticism gives a better overview of the target group. Is it a homogenous group or are almost all layers of the population in a lively exchange with the company? These factors characterize the average customer type and enable the company to respond even more specifically to individual needs in the customer cluster.

The software solutions available on the market are tailored to different company sizes and differ considerably in range and number of functions. They are intended to simplify the work in the CRM environment and are not limited to social CRM. Customer care is an essential component in the sales area of a company and the contacts must be continuously updated and managed. Small businesses with small budgets and startups can often use free trial versions to get to know the different providers of CRM software. These are limited in their scope and often have a fixed limit of contacts or mails per day.