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In terms of functional diversity, Zoho CRM is a giant for sales and customer service teams as well as targeted marketing in companies of all sizes. However, the operability suffers from this. Zoho CRM is available in 25 languages including German.


  • Customization
  • Chat with AI assistant
  • Gamification


  • Email support
  • Phone support

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Target Groups and Data Security
Conditions and Service
Overall evaluation
  • Sales and marketing functions
  • Social media integration
  • Chat with AI assistant
  • Gamification
  • Integration with popular business apps
  • Menu navigation too cumbersome
  • Functional diversity makes operation difficult
  • Rigid package model


The functional scope of Zoho leaves almost nothing to be desired and reaches a level of detail in almost every functional aspect that is unparalleled. In addition to e-mail tracking, the application has an e-mail client designed exclusively to meet the needs of salespeople, with automatic prioritization and organization tools based on sales priority, contextualization, notification and reminder functions, analysis tools and customizable rules for converting requests into leads.
One-click telephony directly from the application, call reminders and automatic call logging are naturally integrated in Zoho. When incoming calls are received, Zoho automatically opens the relevant customer file so that the customer advisor has a direct overview of all relevant data.

The CRM can be linked directly to the company's website, so that website visitors can be directed to a customer service representative and the sales team via the "SalesIQ", a live chat software. When a visitor views a page several times, Zoho notifies the employees and qualifies the visitor in leads, prospects and customers. But that's not all: By connecting to social media channels, Zoho tracks the activities of existing customers on these channels and identifies potential new customers.

A real highlight and unique selling point is Zia, an AI sales assistant which displays data, statistics and diagrams on request in the chat or by voice input.


The dashboard of Zoho CRM does not show your sales pipeline like those of most competitors but can be equipped with an individual selection of different analyses and diagrams. In addition to predefined views, you can use widgets to compile your personal sales analysis from tables, pie charts, bar charts and heatmaps. Based on historical data and offer volumes, Zoho calculates sales projections, filterable by user and period.

Drag and drop operation is implemented in almost all areas of the application: Even e-mails can be generated with images, text modules and links in just a few steps.
Activity tracking and continuous monitoring of sales KPIs enable you to detect improvement potentials and to compare sales employees based on their individual performance. To encourage competition among employees and ultimately increase sales, Zoho has integrated a playful competition in the form of Gamescope in which sales teams compete for virtual badges and trophies.

The enormous wealth of functions, analyses and setting options has a negative impact on the usability of the program. Beginners need some time to get used to Zoho before they can use it efficiently and purposefully.

Target Groups and Data Security

Zoho's CRM software is designed for use in companies of all sizes. User roles and permissions extend to the module and field level, so administrators can clearly determine which employees have access to which data and functions at which times.

Using AES encryption during data transmission and AES-256 encryption of the customer data stored on the server, Zoho guarantees that unauthorized persons cannot gain access. The user decides for himself whether he wants to host his data in data centers in the USA or in the EU. Regular backups across multiple servers are included.

Conditions and Service

The pricing model is based on a division into four packages which differ in their functional scope. The respective package prices are to be paid per user and month, the billing is to be paid either monthly or annually. If you are still unsure whether Zoho is the right CRM for your company, you can avail yourself of a 15-day free trial period.
Zoho leaves nothing to be desired in terms of service and support: Webinars, online training, video tutorials and a community forum are just as much part of the repertoire as personal support via e-mail, telephone or live chat.

Negative for us is that the packages restrict or severely limit various actions, depending on their size. The storage capacity is also limited. The rigid package model does not allow the composition of an individually tailored function ensemble.

Price table (available only in EUR)

Package Annual billing Monthly billing
Standard €12 per month/1 user €18 per month/1 user
Professional €20 per month/1 user €30 per month/1 user
Enterprise €35 per month/1 user €45 per month/1 user
Ultimate €100 per month/1 user  


The comprehensive and functional Zoho CRM is a real recommendation for companies of all sizes. Not only sales teams, but also customer service and marketing benefit from the outstanding integration possibilities, diverse tools, features and analysis instruments. However, the menu navigation seems overloaded and complicated, which makes operation difficult especially for beginners and extends the training period. The package model does not allow the creation of a customized functional repertoire.

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