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The cloud app vCita covers many aspects of small businesses and micro-enterprises. You can easily handle your customer communication and appointment management as well as win new customers online. Accounting and finance features complete the package.


  • Customization
  • Social network integration
  • Automated reminders


  • Email support
  • Live chat

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Target Groups and Data Security
Conditions and Service
Overall evaluation
  • Tools for CRM, website building, online marketing, and finance in a single package
  • Valuable tools for one-person companies
  • Very user-friendly
  • Makes website visitors customers
  • Self-scheduling of appointments
  • Only few personalization options
  • Customer management is very basic


vCita is an all-in-one project management tool for small businesses. The CRM features are only part of the package, the software offers much more. It has a simple interface and mainly focuses on the online presence, which users can create with only a few mouse clicks.
The user chooses one of several designs, inserts the text and puts various interactive elements on the page. The focus is on encouraging website visitors to make contact. For example, the user can put a tool on the company’s website that enables customers and interested parties to arrange an appointment.

Other functional areas include:

  • Interface: This dashboard clearly presents important key figures.
  • Inbox: Several employees can have access to the e-mail inbox.
  • Calendar: The calendar helps coordinate appointments within the team and with customers.
  • Customers: Customer management is the CRM area of vCita.
  • Payments: This module is used to manage incoming payments, invoices and cost estimates.
  • Documents: This section of the program collects internal documents as well as documents for customers.
  • Campaigns: If you do e-mail marketing, you will find the right tools here.

The customer management is relatively simple. Unlike many specialized CRM solutions, it does not provide a sales pipeline. vCita presents all customers in a list that the user sorts by either first name, last name, date of addition or "recently active". A click on a customer opens the detailed view, which contains further customer information as well as bookings, payments, documents and the correspondence. Furthermore, vCita automatically takes the profile picture as well as the address and other data of the customer from his or her social media profile.


vCita is a very user-friendly business management software. If you find your way around a website, you should be able to handle this tool as well. Even relatively complex features such as the editor are easy to use.

An interactive setup that guides the user through the basic functions of the app makes the first steps even easier. He can choose which areas of the software to use. From this information, vCita generates a to-do list that can be executed step by step. If a point is not relevant, the user can click on "Skip" to skip this part of the setup.

Target Groups and Data Security

The target groups of vCita are self-employed people without employees and micro-enterprises. If you have to take care of your website and all your customers, invoices and campaigns yourself, you should be glad that you can do it all with a single easy-to-use tool. The user does not need to use expensive and complicated special software for all the different areas.

Further information on security measures, the encryption used and the data center that stores the customer data is not available. However, since the URL starts with "https: //", it becomes clear that the data is protected by SSL encryption, which is the current standard. Even though the producer does not offer explicit information on security measures, there is still a detailed privacy policy. Roughly speaking, it states that the company never makes its customer data accessible to third parties. The only exception would be legal regulations obliging the company to disclose customer data.

Conditions and Service

The software is offered as a SaaS solution. The program runs on the server of the provider and the customer pays a monthly fee. Prices are in US dollars only, ranging from $29 per month for the starter package to $99 per month for the most complete version. Those who choose the annual instead of the monthly payment and thus commit themselves for one year receive a small reduction in price:

Tarif Essential Business Platinum
Annual payment (price per month) $29 $49 $79
Monthly payment $24 $59 $79
Employees included 1 2 5
Costs for additional emplyees Not possible $15 $15
Support Via e-mail Via e-mail und hotline Premium support
  • customer management
  • Calendar & online scheduling
  • Billing & invoices
  • Customer portal
All features included in Essential as well as:
  • E-mail & SMS marketing
  • Employee management
  • SMS reminders
  • Integration of external apps
  • Various other features
All features included in Business as well as:
  • Team features
  • Extended customer notifications
  • Various extras


The self-service appointments were originally the main feature that was at the core of vCita's development. Over time, a software has evolved around it that helps with a whole range of tasks in small businesses. The frontend has become a complete website with conversion buttons and other important features, and in the backend the user can handle all his customer communications, including e-mail and SMS marketing. Accounting and payment features also cover important areas of the financial side of the business. For a fair price self-employed people and small businesses receive software that simplifies many areas of their business and even supports them in customer acquisition.

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