Salesforce review

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is the most functional CRM. On the downside, there are high-priced conditions, a two-class service and long training periods.


  • Mobile app
  • Opportunity management
  • Automatic lead evaluation


  • Email support
  • Phone support

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Target Groups and Data Security
Conditions and Service
Overall evaluation
  • All-in-one solution for sales, service and marketing,E-mail tracking
  • Versatile interfaces
  • Cost-intensive
  • Complex menu navigation
  • Rigid package model of the sales cloud
  • Many functions only available by booking additional modules


Salesforce is the market leader in CRM systems for a reason, because the functionality of the larger service packages leaves little to be desired. In addition to the usual basic functions, Salesforce offers additional features in the sales segment such as automatic lead tracking, automatic prioritization of important tasks, a tool for creating sales campaigns named Salesforce Engage or access to a comprehensive database of company addresses.

For customer service purposes, automatic forwarding of requests to the right agent is integrated into the sales cloud; in the marketing area, customer companies benefit from information feeds to competitors, customer activities on social networks and in online shops and a tool for managing and tracking marketing campaigns via various channels. However, only by booking additional modules you can use more in-depth service and marketing functions or possibilities for

cooperation, such as a chat. Additional costs are also incurred for the use of the add-on of the AI tool Einstein. This tool offers an automatic lead evaluation, an automatic activity recording or recommendations for action. So, beware, there are hidden extra costs lurking!


The wealth of functions and possibilities has a negative effect on menu navigation and operability. The dashboard looks cluttered and overloaded. Instead of customization and adaptability of a few functional elements, Salesforce relies on an oversupply of ready-made settings and tools. Enabling employees to apply the program areas relevant to a company therefore inevitably takes some time and costs for training.

Although Salesforce has made initial improvements in its Sales Cloud Lightning to make it easier to use by making it clearer and implementing drag and drop elements, this development has not yet been satisfactorily completed.

In addition to easily integrating all major e-mail clients via interfaces, you can combine other modules from the Salesforce Suite with the Sales Cloud to meet all the sales, marketing and commerce needs of large enterprises in one application.

Target Groups and Data Security

While Salesforce offers an entry-level version of the Essentials package for up to five users at an acceptable price, the comprehensive functionality, the modular design of the entire Salesforce Suite and the demanding usability make it ideal for mid-sized companies up to enterprises of corporate size.

Salesforce is not exactly transparent about security measures. Although the provider's website contains a section specially set up for this topic, it offers customers security tips rather than information about the provider's security measures. In the application itself, you can define which data different users can view and edit within your hierarchy.

Conditions and Service

Salesforce offers its Sales Cloud services as part of a four-package model. The packages differ in their scope of functions. The smallest package contains five user licenses, all other packages are based on one account per user per month. However, all packages can only be booked as an annual subscription. The package model is rigid and does not allow the individual composition of required functional elements.

Salesforce provides users and prospects with a comprehensive documentation area packed with tutorials, explanations and videos. Live online training and personal on-site training are part of the service portfolio too. However, there are also a few weak spots in terms of Salesforce’s service: even to get a brief product overview in the form of a demo, every prospective customer is forced to submit his contact data to Salesforce. Free 24/7 support and an unlimited number of online training courses are reserved exclusively for customers of the Unlimited package.

Package 1 user/month
Essentials $25
Professional $75
Enterprise $150
Unlimited $300
Einstein-AI $50


The Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful and unparalleled CRM system. However, some features can only be added in the form of paid add-on modules. But, to appeal to newcomers, start-ups and small businesses, Salesforce lacks more attractive pricing and user-friendliness.

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