Pipedrive review

Pipedrive is clear and concise and offers all the features a sales representative needs. The external interface makes Pipedrive a true universal weapon.


  • Mobile app
  • Customization
  • Email integration


  • 24/7 support
  • Phone support
  • Live chat

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Target Groups and Data Security
Conditions and Service
Overall evaluation
  • E-mail tracking
  • Universal weapon for distribution
  • Clear and easy handling
  • Diverse interfaces
  • Less suitable for connection to online shops
  • No marketing campaign tracking
  • No intelligent automation features


Pipedrive's range of functions leaves no doubt: This CRM system is straightforward and tailored to fast and purposeful sales processes. Clarity and accessibility have priority over an extensive range of functions and diversity of possibilities. However, Pipedrive has all the makings for sales: IP telephony and e-mail transmission via the application, a quotation generator, a duplicate check, a reminder, planning and filtering functions as well as visual analysis and reporting tools.

The creation, administration and evaluation of marketing campaigns and the connection to an online shop for the analysis of extractable data, however, are not possible with Pipedrive. The possibility of setting up a customer support feature so that customer inquiries are forwarded to a customer advisor via CRM is also not included. Pipedrive is therefore only suitable to a limited extent for cross-departmental work in large companies.


The clarity of the functional scope and the functional orientation are optimally reflected in the design of the user interface and in the menu navigation. If you want to use Pipdedrive, you don't have to work with the CRM for weeks to find your way around but can start building your pipe and making your first contact with your leads. The five preset processing stages on the dashboard visualize the sales process from the identification of potential customers to the successful conclusion of a contract in a tidy and appealing manner. With user-friendly drag and drop operation, you process contacts in no time. Your adjustments and settings are made in a few steps. Automatic prioritization and reminders help you never forget an important call or customer appointment.

However, Pipedrive does not provide some intelligent functions for process automation. For example, there is no automatic logging of calls that the user makes from within the application using IP telephony. Similarly, Pipedrive does not automatically estimate the probability of closing a deal or evaluate the lead based on historical customer data. However, this is likely to be just right for some sellers, as it will give them a more unbiased start to the acquisition process. The sober and functional implementation of Pipedrive also means that the application does not contain any elements of gamification.

One highlight is the open API with which Pipedrive can be easily connected to almost any other software. This makes it a versatile and customizable universal weapon with almost unlimited possibilities.

Target Groups and Data Security

The target groups are sales teams in start-ups as well as in small to medium-sized companies. For interlinked, cross-departmental or even cross-location cooperation in large businesses, more comprehensive CRM systems are recommended. However, with 16 different languages and all currencies of the world, Pipedrive is well equipped for use in internationally oriented companies.

Pipedrive takes data security seriously. The SOC-2 certified company continuously backs up data and is committed to keeping data security standards up to date. Redundant data storage prevents any data loss, the connections are absolutely secure, all information is being encrypted. Flexible access rights assignment in the custom settings ensure that only authorized employees can view customer data.

Conditions and Service

Pipedrive displays its clear pricing model transparently on its website. The three service packages "Silver", "Gold" and "Platinum" differ in their scope of functions. Billing is being made per user and month, on a monthly or annual basis. The provider grants potential buyers a 14-day free test phase. Pipedrive does not offer training, however, due to its excellent operability that is not really necessary. Unfortunately, Pipedrive does not offer 24/7 support, but there are various support channels available.

Package Annual billing Monthly billing
Silver $12.50 per month/1 user $15.00 per month/1 user
Gold $24.20 per month/1 user $29.00 per month/1 user
Platinum $62.50 per month/1 user $75.00 per month/1 user


A wide range of specialized functions in the sales segment, intuitive operability, fair and transparent conditions, high security standards and a wide range of services

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