Bpm'online review

If you’re willing to invest accordingly you will find in Bpm'online a comprehensive and easy-to-use CRM that combines and automates sales, marketing and customer service.


  • Mobile app
  • Document flow automation
  • Collaboration tools


  • Email support
  • Phone support

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Target Groups and Data Security
Conditions and Service
Overall evaluation
  • Huge range of functions
  • High degree of process automation
  • Social CRM features
  • Clear and easy handling
  • Cost-intensive
  • Too many performance parameters limited
  • Complex construct of conditions


Bpm'online CRM is a comprehensive CRM solution that seeks to combine marketing, sales and customer service in one platform in order to manage and support the entire customer process. This is reflected in the modular structure of the solution that subdivides into the three products "Sales", "Service" and "Marketing". These modules can be booked individually or as a package.

Bpm'online Sales includes features for lead management, customer and offer management, order and invoice management. The aim is to map the entire customer process, from the generation of a lead via the customer acquisition through to ongoing customer support. Using social CRM features, the system even identifies customers on Facebook or Twitter and automatically enriches the customer files with background information. Automatic lead evaluation and logging of all interactions, whether in the form of meetings, calls, e-mails or document exchange, are also included in the scope of services.

Bpm'online Marketing contains all conceivable tools to track potential buyers and visitors of the company website or the online shop, to study their needs and preferences in detail and ultimately to address them purposefully with advertising and marketing measures. A campaign planner is included as well as comprehensive analysis and evaluation tools.

Bpm'online Service gives customer service staff access to all data relevant for customer loyalty. Communication with customers takes place centrally in the application via telephone, e-mail, chat, social network or the customer portal.


The user interface of Bpm'online strongly resembles a social media platform. This means that you get to know the applications intuitively and playfully and learn to navigate through menu structure within a very short time. The collaboration tools in the application function like a social media platform and include the communication and the provision of documents. Almost every setting, every display and every analysis can be individually adapted.

The application has a comprehensive API which should allow companies any desired adaptation and integration of services.

Target Groups and Data Security

With its holistic and flexible system, Bpm'online wants to address both medium-sized and large companies from the most diverse sectors of the free economy as well as public authorities and institutions.
The application is ISO-certified and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive customer data by means of multi-level security measures. The Bpm'online platform integrates advanced administration tools that enable flexible rights assignment and management based on user roles.

Conditions and Service

Those who have successfully fought their way through the confusing structure of the website will come across a cost calculator that offers the maximum possible setting options. Each module can be booked individually or in combination with the other modules. "Sales" is available in three, "Service" in two packages and "Marketing" according to the number of contacts to be managed. In addition, you must choose between three support options and the desired contract duration.

The costs of the individual packages depend on different parameters such as the number of users, the e-mail contingent per user and month, or the number of contacts. Although this model allows customers to adapt the booked services to their own needs to a certain extent, it also leads to a relatively confusing condition structure, whereby the packages still remain comparatively rigid and inflexible with regard to their scope of functions.

You are given the opportunity to take part in a 14-day non-binding test phase for each of the products.

You can contact the support team via phone or e-mail in the USA or in the UK. In addition, the provider offers video tutorials, a detailed documentation, thematic online training, the opportunity to attend seminars and to acquire certificates as a part of its "Academy".

Module Bpm’online Sales

Package 1 user/month    
Team 25 $    
Commerce 30 $    
Enterprise 50 $    

Module Bpm’online Marketing

Active Contacts 1 user/year 5 users/year 10 users/year
1.000 Contacts €789 €2.949 €5.649
5.000 Contacts €1.559 €3.719 €6.419
10.000 Contacts €2.578 €4.738 €7.438

Note: prices only available in EUR.


There is no doubt that Bpm'online CRM is a comprehensive CRM system that covers not only every basic feature but also the complete range of specific additional features in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service. Despite the wide range of functions, operation is pleasingly simple. Less pleasing, however, are the complex price model and the comparatively high costs.

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