AmoCRM review

amoCRM is a CRM focused on sales teams of small and medium-sized companies. It stands up with excellent operability. However, it should be supplemented by some features.


  • Mobile app
  • Social network integration
  • Sales analytics


  • Email support
  • Phone support

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Target Groups and Data Security
Conditions and Service
Overall evaluation
  • Attractive design
  • Intuitive usability
  • Social media connection
  • Inexpensive
  • Low automation level
  • Few individual setting options
  • Rigid package model with limitations


amoCRM advertises itself with the unique selling point of the "Digital Pipeline", an automated sales pipeline that sells completely independently. This already shows the provider’s focus primarily on the needs of sales teams.

Consequently, the sales pipeline is the central element of the application. With an automated pipeline, the provider means the creation of e-mail lists, automated e-mail follow-up and targeted advertising campaigns via social media channels. If the contact reacts to these forms of addressing, the CRM creates an appointment for the user to contact the interested party by telephone. One-click telephony is possible directly in the application.

amoCRM automatically generates leads from incoming e-mails, requests via the company's website, calls and messages on social media channels via appropriate integration options. However, it is always necessary for the interested party to make initial contact via all these channels.

An abundance of statistics, analysis tools and reports provide information about the efficiency of the team. However, amoCRM does not offer forecasts.


Consequently, to focus on sales, the drag and drop sales pipeline is the central element of the application. It consists of predefined stages that you can modify. The detailed view of each lead is designed as a timeline with a chronological event feed. Scheduling, reminder and prioritization functions help you to never forget an upcoming task. However, you must make all entries manually because amoCRM does not provide automated, intelligent event feeds, probability calculations or automatic prioritization.

The search and filter function also depends on numerous manual specifications and is hardly customizable. Anyway, once you defined filters, you can save them. Employees communicate via the chat function that is integrated in the application.

The menu navigation is very clearly arranged, it does not appear overloaded. You learn to use it intuitively in a few minutes. Long training phases are not necessary here. Each user can customize his dashboard with widgets, diagrams, evaluations and statistics.

Via the open API, amoCRM can be combined with almost any third-party service. Numerous add-ons are already listed in the program, so that you can add them with one click.

Target Groups and Data Security

amoCRM is recommended for small to medium-sized companies and primarily for use in the sales area. Functions that would be relevant for the marketing and customer service divisions are less in the foreground. However, since the number of possible contacts is limited in all package sizes and the program is only available in English, Spanish and Russian language versions, it is less recommended for use in large corporations operating on a multinational scale. With regard to data security and data hosting, the provider maintains a surprisingly low profile. A little more transparency would be desirable here.

Conditions and Service

amoCRM is available in three packages, which differ in their functional scope. The prices are calculated per user and month and are invoiced on an annual basis. The offerer grants a free and noncommittal test phase of 14 days to prospective customers.

The number of storable contacts per packet is just as limited as the available storage volume and the use of some functions. It is not possible to create your very own compilation of individually required functions due to the rigid package model.

Support is available via Facebook chat, telephone or e-mail. Tutorial videos make it easier to get started using the application.


Base Advanced Enterprise
$15 per month/ 1user $25 per month/1 user $45 per month/1 user


The application is user-friendly because it bundles up all essential information on the dashboard and its functions are self-explanatory. However, there is still some catching up to be done, especially with regard to the range of functions for process automation. Users have to do without an automatic lead application as well as an intelligent prioritization or an e-mail tracking function. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, you should still take a closer look at the program.

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