Act! review

Act! CRM integrates numerous useful sales and marketing functions. Unfortunately, the software is somewhat out-of-date.


  • Mobile app
  • Marketing automation
  • Dynamic sales pipeline


  • Email support
  • Phone support

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Target Groups and Data Security
Conditions and Service
Overall evaluation
  • Provides sales and marketing functions
  • Very individually adaptable
  • Many input options
  • Long loading times
  • Seems a bit old-fashioned
  • Low level of automation


Thanks to its extensive contact management area, Act! CRM allows users to store and manage all contact information, e-mails, different types of documents, notes and contact histories as well as social media activities of contacts centrally in one place. Contacts can be grouped into companies or freely definable groups. However, the programm does not make these assignments automatically, it’s up to the user to do that. Automatic reminders and prioritization tools help employees to plan their working day efficiently and to not forget any customer appointments. Cross-team scheduling and planning is also possible in the software.

Act! Insight Cockpits provides detailed analyses of your sales team’s performance. All relevant KPIs such as team performance, sales per product and a profit-loss analysis are easily accessible here.

A disadvantage: Act! CRM does not integrate IP telephony. Furthermore, the program does not offer any functions of a Social CRM.

The integrated e-marketing function is very useful for marketing campaigns, enabling users to initiate e-mail campaigns and addressing up to 500 contacts per month at that.


Above all, Act! CRM is characterized by its high degree of personalization and configurability. The user is not only free to choose between different configuration options, but also to personalize the display of tables or templates freely and to adapt them to the corporate design of the company. Yet, here’s the catch: Only the most expensive product variant, Act! CRM Premium Cloud, offers these possibilities.

What's annoying is the extremely low level of automation Act! CRM provides. Intelligent functions such as automatic call logging, a closure probability calculation, evaluation of leads based on customer analyses are missing. In this respect, the CRM unfortunately appears somewhat outdated and does not seem to have kept pace with the competition.

Act! CRM has an open API only in the Premium and Premium Cloud versions, but all versions integrate a whole range of tools and apps. These include applications used by many companies such as Outlook, Google, Excel or other programs from the MS Office suite. No programming skills are required to integrate these applications.

Target Groups and Data Security

With Act! CRM, users get a tried and trusted software product that has been able to stand up in the competitive market for over 30 years. The clientele includes sole proprietors, sales teams in larger companies and SMEs.

Offline synchronization allows you to access the current data from anywhere and process it via laptop, tablets or other mobile devices. With Act! Companion Mobile CRM, the app for iOS and Android included in the Premium subscription, employees can work efficiently with customer data and view contact histories on the go. The app even displays potential customers in your environment via interactive maps. Companies can choose to purchase Act! CRM as an on-premise desktop version or as a cloud version with its own data hosting. In this case, data security is completely in the customer's hands. Alternatively, the provider hosts the customer data for an additional charge.

Conditions and Service

Act! CRM is available as an on-premise and a cloud version. Overall, the price-performance model is comparatively complex and confusing due to the different packages (365, Pro, Premium and Premium Cloud) plus different billing models per user and month and user per year as well as the optional additional hosting service. Here’s an overview of the different product variants.

Product Description Costs
Act! Pro Entry-level, out-of-the-box feature set for individuals with desktop-access $299.99 per user
Act! Premium Online, offline and mobile access in a secure cloud environment $35 per user/month; $25 if self-hosted
Act! Premium Plus Adaptable CRM with online, offline and mobile access in a flexible cloud environment $45 per user/month; $35 if self-hosted

You can put Act! CRM to the test in a non-binding 14-day, free test phase. Product upgrades and updates are only included in the premium products, not in the Pro version. For technical support, Pro users pay an extra $40 per user per month or $129 per user per year, for Premium customers it is free of charge. Even the online knowledgebase and user manuals are reserved for premium users only.


Act! CRM is a traditional customer relationship management system that offers a solid foundation with highly flexible possibilities for organizing and managing contact data. However, modern functions for automation or the mere implementation of IP telephony are not included here. With the mobile apps and the new Act! Insights feature, which provides analyses of customer and sales data according to various KPIs, the provider is trying to make up for the shortfall in relation to other products, although this is only partially successful. In terms of price, Act! CRM is in the midfield, but the price-performance model is too confusing. Customers of smaller packages even have to book standard services for an extra fee.

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