Customer care

What does optimal customer care look like?

To market products profitably, extensive customer care is essential. This means that not only the service itself is decisive, but also the personal relationship with the customer. Today, consumers can choose between a variety of suppliers. So, if you want to win the race, you should actively cultivate the customer relationship and adapt to the needs of the market.

The basics of good customer care

Customer care begins at an early stage. Even simple tasks such as updating customer master data or company addresses contribute to customers feeling perceived and in good hands. But not only the mere presence is enough to provide professional customer care. The information about the customer himself should be quickly shared within the company so that all employees involved can understand the processes and act accordingly. This transparency improves processes and saves time.

How can customer loyalty be optimized?

Retaining customer loyalty permanently is not an easy task. However, once it has been achieved, it is always worthwhile. A satisfied customer usually buys the product more often and ideally also tells others about it. This is like advertising, only it’s free.

An important aspect of customer loyalty is communication. That includes, for example, newsletters that regularly offer new products or remind users of special offers. A personalized approach is advantageous here, as the customer also receives advertising from other companies. Customer cards or loyalty cards, on the other hand, offer him personal added value. Sending small gifts ensures good customer care. A hand signed birthday card or a small gift are also a good idea.

A company also collects Brownie points in the support area. When customers receive a quick response to questions or complaints, they feel understood and taken seriously. If inquiries remain unanswered for weeks, customers soon lose confidence and, in the worst case, report negatively on the company in their environment.

Tips for customer care

1. Capture customer data

The correct and continuous recording of all customer data is the basic requirement for excellent customer care.

2. Categorization customers:

In this step, companies divide their customers into A, B and C customers. A-customers generate the largest revenues and C-customers the smallest. This ensures that the expenditure is in relation to the yield.

3. Build personal ties

The emotional relationship with the customer is still the best way to retain a customer. Linking these positive thoughts and experiences with the company makes him more resistant to the efforts of competitors.

4. Customer feedback is important

By questionnaire or simple e-mail feedback: Customer feedback is extremely important for companies. When dissatisfaction grows, it becomes difficult to keep someone as a loyal customer.

5. Learn from „lost“ customers

To improve customer care, companies should also deal with „lost“ customers. This is where companies are most likely to find out what is not going well or where there is room for improvement. A telephone call is the quickest way for the employee to find out why the customer turned away. This is an effective way for the company to learn from mistakes.